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Home – or not? ❤️

Hello, sugars. It’s sunday. 😊 i’m officially on my break now, one week – enough to deceive me to relax exactly when college Shall start again.

Well, on the other hand – i swear i don’t get it. What’s So trendy about complaining about the exams? Alright. Yes, So much to study. Yes, So Little time, yet. Though.. i Felt like i was already on my vacation a while ago, before exams Ended for good.

I have to admit that i didn’t really let this stress me out too much, i always Say it’s better to be chill and calm, rather than stress out and mix it all up. The NexT semester i want to study more and take it step by step, thing i would definitely suggest to everybody. It is abso-f&€king-lutely So much easier if you start reading courses earlier, because the amount of work will suddenly seem smaller and much more logical for your Brain to hold on to that info!

Now, as for me .. on friday i celebrated with a colleague, a good friend of mine. We drank some goood wine and ATE some fish & salad (carrots, beetroot – i hated it But sometimes in the perfect combos can be awesome for anyone’s taste, cabbage etc.). And this Weekend i met with an Amazing old friend of mine and stayed with ma’fam.

I miss the big city, i feel So much At home there considering that i spend 90% of my time there. Anyway, i am hyped to present you the new kdrama i am watching rn!

Big hit Starring Yoon Si Yoon and Cha Eun Woo, amongside other Amazing artists and very charming since the first moment. Even one actor that i have seen multiple times (But in a Bad role though) had my heart sincer the first second.

Well, here are some welcoming pics ..

Welcome .. home



Zoe xD


👻 teeo.zoe

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