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Tuesday – treat yourself! ❤️

Alriiighty – So when i visited this lovely city a few months ago, Besides the beautiful surroundings, i also found these lovely candele that float on water So of course i bought one! 😄

And what goes perfect with a nice relaxing Bath – other than a healthy tasty meal? Well, i couldn’t Say right now. So here is my tip: Spinach and fish croquettes. Perfect if you’re a vegetarian. Well, lately i have also cut dairy products as well, But sometimes i do Eat fish.

And since i showed you the meal and well, the Chopsticks near .. you may probably be wondering how Shall the spinach work with them right, haha? Well .. just wait for it .. 😉🙃😇😄

The fork goes for spinach

Chopsticks for croquettes

.. and well my heart as well, as i’m all for the Adrian culture.

Well.. you in for Chopsticks too? 😏😏

Have a great day and stay tuned for my new posts!

Take care,

Zoe xD



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