Pyeongchang 2018 ♥

Hey there sugars! I know the olympics started a while ago, but i didn’t really found the necessary time to write. So, here i go..

Started on 9th February, a beautiful friday, when well, i also had an exam, but one of my fav ones this time! I cried a little, as always. Seeing the fact that North Korea joined along on the journey touched me a little bit. All the joy. Those sportives eager to participate in some fierce, yet short competitions that were going to define all their hard work they had lately, well last 4 years better said.

The time zone in Korea doesn’t quite match, well, not at all shall i say, with the one here, therefore, i had to wake up in the middle of the night or way too early in the morning for some performances, but i did not mind at all. I was in that period with the exams, so i had enough time … somehow … ☺ 
It seems so harsh. How just a few moves, made in a few minutes are those who seemingly have the last word on their actions, on everyone’s actions when it comes to this abstract thing called li(f)e.

Some may seem winners, some may seem not. Some didn’t qualify. Some did their best from their heart and were offered the exact gift they deserved. A medal. The first place. The second. THE EXPERIENCE. I have to say, that although i had my lovelies out there and was excited for them especially, in my eyes, each and one present there was AMAZING. Honestly. Some where lucky to qualify. Some were lucky to carry the flag. Some were lucky to be there as supporters. Some were lucky to take the gold. Some were lucky enought to not get hurt. Luck, happiness, goodness.. were and will be with us if only we take a good look.

I loved watching the ski jumpers, the snowboarders and of course, the figure skaters. Patrick Chan. Last performance at the olympics. First Kim Yuna back in Sochi. Now him. Just 9th place. Yet, in my eyes, one of the champions. Noriaki Kasai. The ski jumper. The one who did this for a long time, yet perfect every single time. Maia and Alex Shibutani. Ice dancers. Bronze. Marcus Kleveland. Snowboarder. Heard of him since he was so little, yet he grew up to be awesome. Mark McMorries. Kept the tradition awake. Bronze back then, bronze now. Red Gerard. A swaggy american kid. Yet, a little clumsy. Might want to work on that little handsome boy and you shall be a force in the future. Raluca Stramaturaru. Romania. Best luge performance ever. 7th place, without even having a proper place to practice. All these amazing people in all those amazing places. And oh! There would be so many others to write about.. 

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