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The ending ceremony ❤️

Well, this being Said. Goodbye Pyeongchang, So long olympics. 2018 was good.

I cried a lot. So did you, So did they. So many emotions. So much joy. I just heard on tv that this Performance At the olypmics was the best yet in history!! So proud of you, Korea!! ❤️

Wish i will i be there too someday, because watching it live on TV just doesn’t seem to satisfy me anymore..

Look how many people gathered here to celebrate. It may seem like an ending, But somehow, i feel as if it is just the beginning, desguised..

i don’t think that there were people who lost here. Yes, you may not have received a medal or a gold one.. But you were, PRESENT, you gained the experience. I swear i am crying right now, just as i did on the 9th. I remember, for example, Andreas Wellinger, ski jumper, trying himself not to cry. Aljona Savchenko. Noriaki Kasai. Raluca Stramaturaru. Patrick Chan. Johannes Klaebo. Oh and So many more makes i am sorry i can not remember properly. But i am sure they will be remembered.
Thank you Korea for this Amazing show. Thank you to all the sportives, coaches, teams, workers who have managed to do this. Thank you God.

Now, a Little friendly reminder that the closing ceremony is live now on Tv, So for anyone who is as Excited as me to watch the final peaceful bliss, tune in!

And take care sugars,

Zoe xD


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