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Third day of easter thoughts ❤️

Hello sugars

I hope your easter was as good as you hope it would be and i hope that this spring will bring you bliss and the will you need to get things done.

Me? Oh! Right now i am still undressed as i went outside for a bit to buy some things, taking sips from my hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and Cinnamon and sitting NexT to my parrot who is endlessly trying to make it impossible for me to Even her my thoughts with His noises. I don’t know if it’s the birds outside – because the Window is cracked OPEN due to the heat – or if Coco is hungry or else, But i don’t think it’s this one considering i Fed him before Leaving. So i will blame it on the noise coming from outside the house. Is he Perhaps blaming me for keeping him in a Cage and not letting him play with the others? I don’t Even think they would get along too well. Plus, right now he is quietly watching me as i write, So i think we can keep on moving.

The weather got really nice. I got to visit the countryside and went for a hike on the hills. (Check out my previous post)

I enjoyed some nice good that made me go from a Hay to a haystack – as i joke around – in a second. I spent some time with my folks. Cooked with Mom a bit! Although i get the feeling that 80% i kinda complicated stuff, she is the best chef ever – trust me. Guess who made the eggs tho!! Me!! 💕

I saw Sel, one of my besties, the one that i am always on the phone with, and i brought her an egg too, ‘course!

And today we will go out again + two more.

Take care of yourself and try not to take into cosnideration much of the Bad things around you. 🌈

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