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Tuesday Short treat of thoughts ❤️

Hello there, sugars! I finally finished with my Pre exam session practic exams. Today was the last one before the NexT tough ones that are going to come, But At least i finished with these, hopefully. (Pray for me pls)

Now, the thing i wanted to talk to you about. Well, i think we all have that – let’s call it tradition – thing, when after a hard task we had or after an exam, we need a full break, like we need to relax a bit … for well, the whole day, i mean the rest of the day. Therefore, i got home, ATE more than a pig would, probably and then decided to watch a movie. Surfing the net and seeing a few lists, i made up my mind and decided to watch one that caught my eye.

Unsane, 2018

Genre: horror, as usual 😂😪😅

In a nutshell, it was about the fucked up things that happen in life, moreover, those that we don’t Even take into consideration, those we don’t Even suspect of happening.

In this movie, a woman, being harassed, somehow ends up in a mental institution, where those scammers were actually taking in Even people who were perfectly sane But had that enssurance that they Could use, with no hard thoughts, no guilt feelings, no nothing.

I wouldn’t know if i Could Say it ended up well, as this man she becomes friends with, gets murdered by the (coincidence haha not) one who has been harassing her and also the one who ended up working At the same mental institution she was taken in At. Also, fortunately, happilly for my soul, this man was actually undercover from some agency as he was actually trying to Find out more on the topic of the way that institution was accepting the patients.

Everything gets revealed, he dies tho’ and the woman manages to escape and keep living her life – But guess what – she was still seeing her attacker everywhere and also still losing her temper over this.


How do we cope with things like this?

How do we know who to trust and who not to get Close to?

How can we help somebody, without putting ourselves in danger?


How can we just ignore all this?

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