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Ready or not ❤️

Hi there sugars! Was it as rainy as here everywhere? 🤔☔️☂️

Sometimes i feel as if god would make the sky cry for/ because of us. Am i the only one?

Back to today. Tuesday, one day closer to the longest Moon eclipse of the century.

Today i took a day off from the hospital and pretty much everything else, although i should’ve really been studying, But as much as a good friend of mine tried to pursue me into finishing today’s break sooner and going back to reading, i couldn’t or … wouldn’t. I spent today going shopping, taking a small walk to home, definitely smaller than yesterday’s one after hospital, cus with all the humidity, i got home with a big need of a bubble Bath or a shower and a good sleep.

Which eventually after i woke up early to drink some water and went back to sleep, finished with a Little nightmare, But after a talk related to these kinds of things with somebody from the hospital i thought i would give a break to these kinds of stories and concentrate on the real WORLD.

So. After shopping, came eating, and although i make myself something different to Eat daily, somehow, i end up back to the avocado toast when i want to post here! Haha

I cleaned a Little around the house afterwards, enjoyed the rain, got in touch with some of my friends and got a good movie recommendation. The entity – a horror movie after a real case. Then, talked to my two besties and ended up making an eXchange (movie and song) with one of them haha. xD

Now i think i will start another series. Called the good doctor starring Freddie Highmore, an incredibly talented actor, in my opinion, always in the place of Vogie, debonair, FAROUCHE roles. I recommend also bates motel or Any seemingly interesting movies or series where i am sure that he will play a fine role! And yes, appearantly i am in need of a series with medical Reference too haha, daily life ain’t enough for me 😇

Also. This time i will have to add a Bad notice too, unfortunately. I will never understand why kids – that aren’t Even that Little anymore, aren’t able to just cross the street to the park and play there instead of staying between Blocks and yell – or talk as they do.

Therefore, always remember to be kind and loving, Even if you had it rough, happiness will Find ITS way to you. Just do your thing and don’t shut every Door letting people out of your life. You deserve help and you deserve to be helpful, which is the most rewarding thing.

Take care,

Zoe xD

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