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Vegan journey – soon? Pt II ❤️

So, earlier today i posted about veganism. Here’s another one! With the main ideas summed up and made clear enough – after all, it is yours to decide.. First things first. Almost all people who Eat meat Claim that vegans have no protein based products At all in their meals. Well, unless you live somewhere like Alaska where i believe that besides fish and things that they can achieve by themselves, other food products are probably harder to be found. #1 think about all those sentient beings, it is never too late #2 meals based on vegetables, fruits and cereals…

Tuesday – treat yourself! ❤️

Alriiighty – So when i visited this lovely city a few months ago, Besides the beautiful surroundings, i also found these lovely candele that float on water So of course i bought one! 😄 And what goes perfect with a nice relaxing Bath – other than a healthy tasty meal? Well, i couldn’t Say right now. So here is my tip: Spinach and fish croquettes. Perfect if you’re a vegetarian. Well, lately i have also cut dairy products as well, But sometimes i do Eat fish. And since i showed you the meal and well, the Chopsticks near .. you…

Home – or not? ❤️

Hello, sugars. It’s sunday. 😊 i’m officially on my break now, one week – enough to deceive me to relax exactly when college Shall start again. Well, on the other hand – i swear i don’t get it. What’s So trendy about complaining about the exams? Alright. Yes, So much to study. Yes, So Little time, yet. Though.. i Felt like i was already on my vacation a while ago, before exams Ended for good. I have to admit that i didn’t really let this stress me out too much, i always Say it’s better to be chill and calm,…

What did i do on the first day of 2018? ❤️

Well. We had fun. We went to the concert At midnight. Saw fireworks, ATE good foods, ofc drank champagne. Played Funny games, in two teams and So on. But, around 4 am we suddenly went out of ideas. That was the exact time when one of us Asked for juice. And on the inside of the bottle stopper was this Message: “when are you going to the seaside?” Funny, right? Especially that me and Sel already kind of suggested to have a getaway like this on new year’s Eve. Well, we all had a silence moment and looked At each…

You are a shooting star no matter what ♥

It’s hard to write from a place of depression. Whatever anyone thinks they know about depression, they can really only know their own. Mine comes in many shades. This particular one is a verdant green. The gray dullness I feel is made more pallid by the contrast of a lush Minnesota summer, when the rain […] via Anatomy of a Depression — The Green Study

* to see * list, not excited. at all. ♥

Hello Friends! If you know me at all you know I am in full Halloween swing. I have been working on lots of looks for the 31 days of halloween and in prep for that I have been trying to watch as many scary, thriller, horror films as possible! Here is my list of must […] via Movies You Must Watch By Halloween — Make Mommy Up!

Busy as a bee ♥

Hello sugars. I have so many photos for you. Sooo much to post but so little time. i love being busy, but i hope that this weekend i will be able to catch up on studying and most important – on sleeping. i need sleep so much. still, when i am in bed i either talk on the phone and answer calls and messages i received through the day and chat with my family and talk for hours – literally – with my bestie on the phone – which is currently in another city – pretty far – anyway. last…

*still fangirling* ♥

Have you ever experienced being so consumed or infatuated with something to the point where those surrounding you become worried for your sanity? That’s where I currently am on my voyage into the world of BTS (If you don’t know who BTS is, please check out my first blog!) They are currently one of the […] via Kpop music: BTS – The obsession explained — Tales of a Noona