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*still fangirling* ♥

Have you ever experienced being so consumed or infatuated with something to the point where those surrounding you become worried for your sanity? That’s where I currently am on my voyage into the world of BTS (If you don’t know who BTS is, please check out my first blog!) They are currently one of the […] via Kpop music: BTS – The obsession explained — Tales of a Noona

In case Bali was seemingly not that interesting ♥

Bali Island Bali is a province of Indonesia which is located between the islands of Java and Lombok island, Bali island is also commonly referred to as The Island Of Thousands Temples, The Island of Gods, and Bali Dwipa, Bali also has several small islands are also included in the province of Bali, including the island of Nusa […] via History About The Island Of Gods — villacasamateo

Friday fashion flic ♥

Hey there, long time no see. This is my W/F ’17 wish list. If you want some inspiration ceep srolling down. Lets start with clothes. First item on my “Wish list” is a “Acne Schearling” jacket. The colors I like it in are: brown/red (like in the picture), black or grey with fur. […] via Wish list ’17 — SienaDaisy

Netflix and Canada – these two are for one of my besties – wonderful wednesday ♥

Netflix will invest at least $400 million USD (C$500 million) on original content production in Canada over the next five years, the Canadian government has announced. The company will also establish Netflix Canada, a permanent production presence that will be its first such venture outside the US. The streaming company will produce content in English […] via Netflix To Spend $400 Million USD On Canadian Content Over Five Years — Deadline

Fairmont San Francisco  — add that to your list ♥

We made a last minute trip to California for The Husband’s birthday and we started off in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to find a fabulous deal at the Fairmont San Francisco. The five-star hotel, up on Nob Hill, has a beautiful view and surprises everywhere you look! You can feel the luxuriousness as […] via Fairmont San Francisco  — Saves Lives Will Travel

Do this for me. For you. For those surrounding you. ♥

Hey. Can you do something for me right now? Yes, this very instant. I want you to think of a memory. A memory that makes you laugh out loud. Dig deep. Everyone has at least one. Not figuratively lol. Literally laugh out loud. A memory that makes you want to spit up the coffee that […] via Do This Right Now. — wanderinginwondertoday

You just need to be you . . . ♥

and smile. and be good. and be confident. and be you. and help others. but firstly, help yourself. and be creative. and just have lots and lots of patience . . . while you do your best. and keep your faith. and hope. and dream. until it will become real. because you can. and you…

Saturday fact ♥

This video from the USA says about itself: 6 November 2014 In the clip, a 10-day-old zebrafish gets its stripes in this series of images taken one a day for 30 days. Credit required: D Parichy Lab/University of Washington. From Cardiff University in Wales: How do zebrafish develop their stripes? Cardiff University mathematician discovers key […] via How zebrafish get their stripes — Dear Kitty. Some blog

FRIDAY mood ♥

Well, don’t know if this is enough to make friday lovelier than it already usually is, but it was enough for me! i was actually wondering quite often lately when it would be a proper time to start wearing this hun again. ESPECIALLY sincer i received another lovely one as a gift recently. ANYWAY –…