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Lovely monday walk ❤️

Hey sugars! So yes, it’s a beautiful summer day indeed. The sun is shining, there is heat everywhere – plenty of it, yet, my exam is coming and i don’t know what or how to study faster. Don’t forget and always always keep in mind! No matter how busy you are, hydrate, take Deep breaths, laugh, take long walks – or At least Short ones But make sure you do, watch a good movie/ series, drink Tea and Eat well – no junks allowed. Take care and have a nice (and super mega productive) week!

❗️❕ check this out, donate, share ❤️

My dear sugars! This is a FAST FRIDAY post asking for your support regarding the last tree climbing lions. Check out my story on insta @zoeandthepeanutbutter or go check out @alexbraczkowski’s work and you will soon understand what it is we are dealing with, or what we have done, either way, if you need more details then go search for the news regarding the issue on google and please, please share At least, if you don’t donate. (Even 5$ can help make a difference) Now, go on and from there on you do yourself 💕

The ending ceremony ❤️

Well, this being Said. Goodbye Pyeongchang, So long olympics. 2018 was good. I cried a lot. So did you, So did they. So many emotions. So much joy. I just heard on tv that this Performance At the olypmics was the best yet in history!! So proud of you, Korea!! ❤️ Wish i will i be there too someday, because watching it live on TV just doesn’t seem to satisfy me anymore.. Look how many people gathered here to celebrate. It may seem like an ending, But somehow, i feel as if it is just the beginning, desguised.. i don’t…