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Recipe of the day ❤️

Hey there, sugars! I got a Little quick and accesible delish for you today! As all of us definitely have an Apple in the house – because they are healthy and they can sure be a good Snack as well – then hopefully, a Little chocolate can also be found in some corner of the house and then one of my forever loves – Cinnamon! A Cinnamon bar and powder, as well, if you happen to have Both – or why not – take a quick lovely walk to the store and enjoy the cold air. Now. With a Sharp…

Vegan journey – soon? Pt II ❤️

So, earlier today i posted about veganism. Here’s another one! With the main ideas summed up and made clear enough – after all, it is yours to decide.. First things first. Almost all people who Eat meat Claim that vegans have no protein based products At all in their meals. Well, unless you live somewhere like Alaska where i believe that besides fish and things that they can achieve by themselves, other food products are probably harder to be found. #1 think about all those sentient beings, it is never too late #2 meals based on vegetables, fruits and cereals…

Vegan journey – soon? ❤️

Ok So when you are a vegetarian people always wonder how can you live without meat. Well, when it comes to being vegan .. there goes another silly question. It is pretty much similar to the first one, just much shorter: how can you live? Oh well 😀 there are So many things you can Eat to replace those.. and just because these aren’t So well known as those, it doesn’t mean vegans necessarily have a reduced menu. + it is Healthier indeed to Eat like this and it has been proved severa times. Now. I thought myself to go…

Tuesday – treat yourself! ❤️

Alriiighty – So when i visited this lovely city a few months ago, Besides the beautiful surroundings, i also found these lovely candele that float on water So of course i bought one! 😄 And what goes perfect with a nice relaxing Bath – other than a healthy tasty meal? Well, i couldn’t Say right now. So here is my tip: Spinach and fish croquettes. Perfect if you’re a vegetarian. Well, lately i have also cut dairy products as well, But sometimes i do Eat fish. And since i showed you the meal and well, the Chopsticks near .. you…

Thursday treat time again, damn, more calories hahah ♥

My husband loves donuts! As I have said in previous posts, he has a devilish sweet tooth. I try to make him healthier versions of his favorites. These donuts fit the bill….no fryer required. These donuts are made with fresh apples, homemade apple butter, and then baked. I did put a cinnamon frosting on them […] via Baked Apple Donuts — middle-aged maven

Saturday’s As A Teacher ♥

WOW, it’s been awhile. The school year is in full swing and I am counting my blessings every single day. I recently read a quote that said, “Being a new teacher is like building a plane….while flying it.” This couldn’t speak anymore truth into what my first year of teaching has been like. I have […] via Saturday’s As A Teacher — Twist of Traditional

Thursday treat ♥

Good evening! Have you ever wanted to make your own donuts? If so, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can buy a donut-maker and realize your dream 😀 I’ve owned one for a few years, though I don’t use it too often. If you’re an old follower, then you might […] via Mini Donuts with Chocolate — A Cup of Tea with Zi

Paper Avenue, Joondalup — man i so love brunches, check this out! ♥

Brunches – that extra reason you need to take another break and eat something delish! Paper Avenue is a new cafe that has recently opened on the corner of Boas Avenue and Davidson Terrace in Joondalup. It is very clean and modern in style, and the staff are passionate about providing really great food and coffee. It is an ideal brunch/lunch spot, all food is homemade with love and care. […] via Paper Avenue, Joondalup — Truly Scrumptious

If you could eat only one thing all your life . . . ♥

Nutella is all the rage these days. I honestly find it a little sweet for a breakfast kind of food, but I do enjoy it on a cake when I am already expecting a very sugary flavor. This cake combines a lot of different flavors – banana, chocolate, and nutella. I think it is a great diversion from a normal yellow or chocolate cake, so if you are in the mood to try something new, I would give this a try for sure! via Banana, Chocolate & Nutella Layer Cake! — Abbey Co.