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Unprofessional reviews of meals & travels ♥

Hey there sugars. ♥ I am super busy, trying to write a proper post, in the meantime, surfing the web and found some incredibly beautiful not that known posts. So, while studying, trying to post something good, simply living and this all, i will reblog some nice posts i come across. enjoy. be good. be you. be confident. do your best and hope dream wait ^_^ yours, Zoe xD @zoeandthepeanutbutter There are so many palaces around Seoul. It’s pretty crazy. The king’s must really know how to live! Good stuff. Properties everywhere. Wish I could do that too. Just move…

In case Bali was seemingly not that interesting ♥

Bali Island Bali is a province of Indonesia which is located between the islands of Java and Lombok island, Bali island is also commonly referred to as The Island Of Thousands Temples, The Island of Gods, and Bali Dwipa, Bali also has several small islands are also included in the province of Bali, including the island of Nusa […] via History About The Island Of Gods — villacasamateo

FIRST day, best yet ♥

HOPEFULLY it will all stay this way or get even better. ALL the optimism is on! REMEMBER to be good AT being YOU. BE confident. BE great. BE active and productive and make sure to help yourself in order to help others. YOU are GREAT. FIRST day went off pretty great. DIDN’T have much time…

halloween preps ♥

my fav holiday is just a few steps away! and like every year, i am always in need of halloween stuff! this year, so far, i bought these lovely lights – christmas ones are too mainstream haha – i will post a pic soon with them on and the all hallow’s eve atmosphere too ^_~…

ART and antique ❤

some of my all time fav places have been, by far, art galleries, museums and antique shops! the charm belongs where the mystery belongs and i think these two, art and antiques, have so much to share. BOTH ways. THEY share the stories of those who created them, of those who owned and cared of…

MOLY monday ❤

hello sugars. IT s a new dawn, it s a new day. BLA bla blah. THE thing is to start fabulous, glorious, happy, positive and confident! SO, as i was taking a lovely walk today with my sister-pal-awesome gal out and about, we went a little for a drink, a sweet vegan treat for me…

HAPPY September full moon, SUGARS! ❤

EXHALE and inhale RELEASE the stress and negativity INHALE, think about something you like BREATHing slowly, observing KEEM calm and hope dream wait @zoeandthepeanutbutter xD take care. BE you. BE good. BE fearless.


she glanced down a second at her hands, but then almost immediately her gaze returned to me 📷