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You are a shooting star no matter what ♥

It’s hard to write from a place of depression. Whatever anyone thinks they know about depression, they can really only know their own. Mine comes in many shades. This particular one is a verdant green. The gray dullness I feel is made more pallid by the contrast of a lush Minnesota summer, when the rain […] via Anatomy of a Depression — The Green Study

Sunday Funday Thoughts ♥

☺ Hello sugars! Felt in the mood for writing a bit! ☻ First of all, I hope your weekend was productive in all the ways you wished it to be, no matter if you wanted it to be productive for work, or a quick beautiful journey or any other activity. This weekend I wanted to read a little and see some of my folks! Managed to see everyone, so happy! Ate wonderful foods, my mom even baked an incredible pie and i tried a new recipe for coffee, with a bit of coconut flakes in it! And of course, sprinkles…

Autumn – y mood ♥

I can still hear the crickets in the meadow, even though the apples are hanging heavy on the trees but soon the cricket song will end, as the oak leaves surrender to their journey. Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies via As the Oak Leaves Surrender — Ancient Skies

Busy as a bee ♥

Hello sugars. I have so many photos for you. Sooo much to post but so little time. i love being busy, but i hope that this weekend i will be able to catch up on studying and most important – on sleeping. i need sleep so much. still, when i am in bed i either talk on the phone and answer calls and messages i received through the day and chat with my family and talk for hours – literally – with my bestie on the phone – which is currently in another city – pretty far – anyway. last…

Currently working on . . . ♥

Hello sugars. I am so tired. But i love being busy. Hope you do, too. Right now i am studying at anatomy and working on a research about cannabis. You know that it was considered that it would not make you dependent, but with the new DSM, the fifth edition, here comes the proof that it does make people dependent. Its withdrawal is less severe than the alcohol one. The peak is in one week, lasting from one to two weeks. And the withdrawal symptoms become obvious in one to two days since stopping the consumption. Also, Uruguay was the…

*still fangirling* ♥

Have you ever experienced being so consumed or infatuated with something to the point where those surrounding you become worried for your sanity? That’s where I currently am on my voyage into the world of BTS (If you don’t know who BTS is, please check out my first blog!) They are currently one of the […] via Kpop music: BTS – The obsession explained — Tales of a Noona

Monday Morning Moccacino ♥

Hello sugars ♥ ☺ Long time no talk 😦 Things are crazy around here. I am craving for sleep so much haha, but every time i do get some free time to just sleep, of course – that is the last thing i do! Congrats, Zoe. haha. Well, you KNOW ME, i love being busy. i always say that is better to be super busy and get tired and all worked out – if, of course, the most important thing, you love what you do, or enjoy it at the very least – rather than just hang around, get bored…