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On wednesday we  . . . ❤

Wear purple cats? It’s a lovely wednesday – indeed! i been very productive, took a nice walk, a long one actuallt, and now these sweethearrs made me a little wound on my right leg, but all is good! i saw it on time. 🙂 The weather was also extremely nice and guess what! i found my fav biscuits near my walking spot. Yay for me. Hope your wed’ is pretty awesome too, sugars! – hope dream wait, always Take care xx

A lazy Sunday before a beautiful Monday ♥

“When life gives me lemons, I give myself a tea.” This weekend was real fun and busy, also. I started it awesome, from Friday, even! My Halloween was pretty cool! Hope yours too. Pizza & beer, just two words to describe it haha xD Then, saturday – another perfect day to spend with family… and finally, sunday, that one day when comes the monday morning break down [see quiet riot]. But, i think i have found a way to strike it! ❤ It’s about time… it’s Monday. 😀 10 steps to start your day and your week, also, up and…

Say yummy ♥

    smile today, smile tomorrow, cause the future becomes present every single second. and the present becomes past, as what we were thinking at in the past becomes future.