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Not the usual Tuesday post ❤

Well, hello. It’s another lovely Tuesday, but unpleasant things aren’t banned from happening. So. . . Wondering what this about? Well, let’s find out! Today there was a little surprise. The sloppy, clogged, a little dirty toilet. So, what to do if you find yourself in this situation all of a suden? Thing is, it’s also important how old your pipes are. This also could cause trouble, despite all the cleaning you do. So you might take into consideration renovations, too. Call a plumber. If you want to save money or the moment this happened is way inappropiate or you…

America, oh America ♥

Well, hello. Long time no post. huh? Well, there is something funny, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, just something that i wanted to talk about for a long time. It’s them american movies, hell! It amuses and amazes me, all in one, as in those movies, everybody knows everybody and everybody knows where every single person in that hood lives, but when the god damn phone rings – blank – “hello? who is this? hello. it’s me, it’s me, carol, i was calling to ask you about your plans these holidays. oh, hi carol, didn’t know you…

Wine not?! ♥

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