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Friyay playlist ❤

Ok so, Friyay arrived. This Caturday i’m going to some friends’ party – promised a while ago – hope it will be fun and relaxing. . What do You have in  plan? Also. Check out my Insta account for more 🙂 @zoeandthepeanutbutter And, as for Friyay, here is what i am currently listening to. .…

Trick r Treat ❤

Trick r Treat by zzoezu featuring Cricut Long Sleeve Pumpkin Print Halloween Dress 80 RON – rosewe.com Socks 45 RON – hottopic.com Giuseppe Zanotti black ankle boots 1.725 RON – theoutnet.com AKID mens slip on shoes 415 RON – revolve.com Boohoo men s sleepwear 49 RON – boohoo.com Meri Meri holiday decoration 35 RON – trouva.com Black wall art 27 RON – etsy.com Cricut holiday decoration 5,01 RON – etsy.com

Audrey goes Halloween ❤

By far, Halloween is my all time fav holiday and Audrey Hepburn is one of my fav actresses of all times. So, i thought i’d do a little funny&stylish mix and bring them together in my new post: it’s a Halloween make over. Just a few days aand, here we go, bring on the spirits, the decorations, the perfect moment to bake some muffins and have fun decorating them, time for great movies and even greater parties. XD

Friday fun, weekend mood on ♥

◘ Annyeong haseyo! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! ◘ These past weeks really got me busy and considering my insomnia, it was quite exactly what I needed. Even though I didn’t have so much time to relax and blog on here [see @zoeandthepeanutbutter], i got occupied enough to stop over thinking and bad vibes shit. Also, I began again to eat so healthy as I used to before coming across my eating disorders a few months ago and now not only that I kept my vegetarian menu [minus sodas], but this week I have only eaten vegetables and fruits, with little exceptions for…