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On wednesday we  . . . ❤

Wear purple cats? It’s a lovely wednesday – indeed! i been very productive, took a nice walk, a long one actuallt, and now these sweethearrs made me a little wound on my right leg, but all is good! i saw it on time. 🙂 The weather was also extremely nice and guess what! i found my fav biscuits near my walking spot. Yay for me. Hope your wed’ is pretty awesome too, sugars! – hope dream wait, always Take care xx

Have a nice weekend sugars ♥

10 things to do this weekend    At least 13 minutes of yoga. [~easy yoga, not hand stands or hanumanasana; but you could try dog or warrior pose] Watch a movie you wanted to see and had on your ‘to watch’ list for a long time or one you just heard about that launched at the cinema! You don’t necessary have to go and pay one of those expensive tickets, just search for it and i’m sure you will find it. There must be somebody who leaked it just after a short time of its appearance. And you can watch it…